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Monday, December 23, 2013


Shalom, we commence this discourse by focusing upon the PARSHA termed VAYICHI. VAYICHI is the last portion found in the book of BERESHEET, making it the end of the beginning. The unique position of being the end of the beginning is indicative of a mystery that is contained within that engenders instructions that will aid us in the end of this present age. Indeed the history of our people is linear in that it is destined to repeat itself. The linear nature of our history gives rise to looking at the events of the past to determine events of the present. Thus we are empowered to overcome the mistakes of the past by learning from our history those things that we are not to do. Learning from the mistakes of others has been a plight for humanity, the advantage of this plight in the experience of the JEW is that the events our ancestors experienced are experienced by the children, thus, the learning experience is intensified. Our history is more than stories, but spiritual lessons that are relevant to making the ascension into the New Adam and new civilization. The PARSHA VAYICHI contain such a mystery.
The portion discloses the following events. The swearing of YOSEF to YAACOB that he would bury him with the fathers ABRAHAM and YITZCHAK, the adoption of MANASEH and EPHRAIM by YAACOB, MANASEH and EPHRAIM being raised to the status of REUBEN and SIMEON and given the same authority as that of the 12, the laying on of hands of YAACOB on MANASEH and EPHRAIM with the younger EPHRAIM receiving the greater authority, the death bed prophecies given to the sons of YAACOB, the death of YAACOB, YOSEF becoming the head of the family and finally the death of YOSEF. It is from these events that we pose the question, how do the actions of our father YAACOB relate to the experience of the Hebrew Israelite in exile?
The mystery of the EXILE of the Hebrew Israelites is disclosed in the age of YAACOB revealed in the opening of the SIDRAH. YAACOB is said to be 147 years old. By employing GEMETRIA, his age discloses that EXILE will be experienced in 3 stages. The 1st stage represented by the number 7 suggesting a short time. The 2nd stage represented by the number 40 suggesting a long time. The last stage represented by the number 100 representing a very long time. In other words the experience of EXILE for the Hebrew Israelites would be one that progressively gets longer.
The SIDRAH goes on to reveal that as the affliction of YAACOB intensified, it gave rise to a meeting occurring between him and YOSEF. No doubt the meeting was to instruct the children of Israel on how to endure the EXILE for the purpose in which HA SHEM had destined it. Yea, it was told to our ABBA ABRAHAM that we would experience EXILE. This information would be passed down as a part of the instruction that was given to those who were to be the spiritual head of the family. The actions and words surrounding the final days of YAACOB would disclose the EXILE to be the means to the experience of Redemption and what the Jews must do to endure as the EVERLASTING NATION.
It is important to note that when the Holy Blessed One of Israel refers to the name YAACOB, it is the reference to his lower nature; whenever he refers to our ABBA as YISHRAEL, it is reference to his SPIRITUAL nature. The SIDRAH declares that when YOSEF came to him, that YISHRAEL STRENGTHENED himself and sat up on the bed. This is indicative of the EMET that instructions are about to be disclosed. Without a doubt, these instructions are to aid us in the experience in the EXILE.
The instruction begins with the idea of the adoption of EPHRAIM and MANASEH. No doubt this is something that must occur again in the EXILE. EPHRAIM who has been mingled with the nations of this world must be adopted by YISHRAEL and restored to the place of the other YISHRAELITES. This is the ministry of the FATHERS and whose children have humbled themselves making themselves available to receive the instructions of conversion that will restore us back to our people. To experience REDEMPTION even as YAACOB ADOPTED EPHRAIM and MANASEH to save YISHRAEL, today YISHRAEL must save itself by saving YISHRAEL. The FATHERS are destined to raise the children to the receiving of the inheritance through CONVERSION.
Just as YISHRAEL blessed EPHRAIM and MANASEH by the laying on of hands, the FATHERS of YISHRAEL must make those who are CONVERTED to be those who are empowered to multiply. The multiplication must occur to fulfill what was promised to our ABBA ABRAHAM, and thy seed shall be as the STARS of SHAMAYIM. The seed of ABRAHAM are those chariots that carry the message of SHEMA, yea, HA SHEM is one. like the ministry of our ABBA YISHRAEL, we must aid in the conversion experience and create children who will multiply the FAITH that was given to the NAVI MOSHEH.
These instructions are relevant to the EVERLASTING NATION that will endure that great and terrible day of ADONAI.


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