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Monday, December 23, 2013


Shalom, we commence this discourse focusing upon the PARSHA termed MIKEITZ. The Hebrew transliteration MIKEITZ is indicative of an ending. To be clear, one must discern that an ending is the commencement of a beginning. No doubt, the beginning that is coming into focus is the materialization of a promise that had been made to our ABBA ABRAHAM by the Holy Blessed One of Yishrael. HA SHEM had declared to ABRAHAM, “Know now that your descendants shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, they shall be enslaved. I will bring judgment upon the nation they are serving, after that this they shall go out with many possessions.” (Genesis 15:13,14) The question is how is the mystery of the new beginning hid in the SIDRAH effected by the PROMISE received by Abraham?
The SIDRAH discloses the dreams of Pharaoh, the interpretation of those dreams by YOSEF, the promotion of YOSEF, the vindication of YOSEF, the effect of the famine experienced in the region, the sons of YAACOB entrance into Egypt and finally the exile of Israel into Egypt. Each one of these events discloses an Eternal Invisible Power at hand.
The dreams experienced by PHARAOH were effected by the level of consciousness he had ascended to. He was able to see, but unable to discern. No doubt this rests upon the truth that there is a Protocol in the Holy Blessed One of Yishrael in sending messages to the sons of ADAM. The protocol is that He first speaks to Israel, then Israel speaks to the rest of the sons of Adam. As revealed in the scenario, Pharaoh was able to see what was about to occur over the region but he could not discern what he had seen. To discern, he had to have a Hebrew Israelite to interpret for him. Without the insight of the Hebrew Israelite, the destruction of Egypt was inevitable. It is the sight that has been given to Israel that empowers us in the fulfillment of our purpose to be TIKKUN OLAM.
The interpretation of Pharaoh’s dream disclosed that there was going to be seven years of prosperity followed by seven years of disparity. The dream also revealed a RIVER that flowed. No doubt the RIVER represented the instructions that must be implemented in order to transform the event into something that is exceedingly above that which can be imagined. The river must be a man that will flood the land with thoughts from heaven that would bring about a New Egypt that was more powerful than ever. Upon hearing the interpretation and instructions to be performed, Pharaoh recognized YOSEF to be the RIVER. This gave rise to promotion and vindication as YOSEF was given the daughter of the man whose wife accused him of attempted rape. Indeed the gift of HA SHEM will make room for us and bring us before great men. The promotion and vindication positioned YOSEF to be in the place where he could bring the seed of ABRAHAM into a land where we were strangers. The actions of a righteous man are in harmony with the Holy Blessed One of Yishrael, transforming him into a Co-Creator with HA SHEM.
By following the instructions of HA SHEM, YOSEF was able to amass wealth for Egypt that was being laid up for a righteous nation, AM Yishrael. Selling the grain that YOSEF had stored up during the years of plenty to the Egyptians and surrounding nations gave rise to building up the Treasury of Egypt. As promised to Abraham, the treasury of the nation that enslaved us would be transferred at our departure.
Last, but not least, YOSEF followed the instructions of his own dreams that would set in motion the events that would give rise to our ascension into redemption. YOSEF’s dreams required that his brothers as well as his ABBA would come and bow before him. Thus when the 10 brothers show up, he sends them back to YAACOB to bring Benjamin, yea, all of his brothers must bow before him. Not only his brothers, but also his ABBA must be brought to Egypt to bow before him. By interpreting his dream to be instruction, YOSEF was able to fulfill the promise of the exile that would give rise to the birth of our nation. The deeds of a righteous man engenders the unfoldment of the Plan of the Holy Blessed One of Yishrael.
When YAACOB arrives in Egypt, there are now two righteous men there and the famine comes to an end, and the event that will engender the REDEEMED begin. This discloses the power behind righteous deeds, it is the power to do the impossible. Let your actions aid you in the ascension into the Consciousness of the Redeemed, it will give rise to the fulfillment of Purpose.


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