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Thursday, November 07, 2013


Shalom, we commence this DEVAR TORAH by focusing upon the definition of the Hebrew transliteration TOL’DOT. The Hebrew transliteration TOL’DOT is descriptive of the English term lineage or history of. The history of the descendants of the Hebrew Israelites discloses more than just a list of names descriptive of our descendants, but it presents to us a revelation of the challenges that they faced which are prophetic in nature. What is implied by the description that their challenges are prophetic in nature is that they reveal to us like challenges that we are to undergo. Understanding the nature of the history as it relates to our experiences enable us to take a critical look at their response to the challenges, and after a careful assessment of examining the challenges that we are undergoing and discerning those that are similar, we are empowered to employ their responses whether positive or negative in making decisions that will give rise to bringing our actions in congruency with the instructions of HA SHEM, the Holy Blessed One of YISHRAEL. With this thought in mind, let us make a critical assessment employing the following inquisition. The question is, How did the deception practiced by REVKAH and YAACOB effect YITZCHAK?
The scenario surrounding the deceptive practices of REVKAH and YAACOB has its commencement in the pregnancy of REVKAH. After 20 years of marriage and giving birth to no children, YITZCHAK through the power of HA SHEM impregnates REVKAH. The pregnancy is one of mystery. REVKAH has twins in her womb and experiences them striving with each other. The mystery of the struggle gives rise to REVKAH inquiring of HA SHEM as to why. It was revealed to her that “two peoples are in your belly; two nations shall branch off from each other as they emerge from your womb. One people shall prevail over the other, the elder shall serve the younger.” (Genesis 25:23) It is evident that what she learned was not shared with YITZCHAK. The evidence is in the fact that he favors Esau over YAACOB. No doubt the revelation of YAACOB being the one who was to receive the blessing would have encouraged balance rather than favoritism.
The knowledge that the elder was to serve the younger effected the actions of REVKAH when the time for the blessing was to occur. The receiving of the blessing would empower the recipient to becoming the head of the family after the death of YITZCHAK. This required preparation. When REVKAH gets wind that the preparation was being made and knowing the physical blindness of YITZCHAK, she employs deception to enable the YOUNGER YAACOB to receive the blessing. Under the direction of his mother, YAACOB is blessed by YITZCHAK through stealth practices. When Esau finishes his preparation, he returns to his father and discovers that the first blessing has been secured by YAACOB. He is met with the words, “I blessed him, and blessed he will be.” These words are not words that disclose HA SHEM to be a YAH of deception, but rather, that the spiritual blindness that was expressed as physical blindness of YITZCHAK had fallen from his eyes. Yea, YITZCHAK could see what REVKAH had been told in the pregnancy concerning the destiny of the twins.
The EMET, that is, truth, that the scales had fallen off of YITZCHAK’S eyes can be seen in the third blessing. Yea, Esau received the second blessing of military might that would engender the independence that was spoken about, but there remained a third blessing.
The third blessing was given in response to the threat that Esau had made against YAACOB. Esau vowed that after his ABBA’S death, he would kill YAACOB. His EMMA hearing of the threat, requests that YAACOB be sent to her brother Laban’s house to get a wife. She believes that time would heal the breach that existed between her sons. After agreeing with REVKAH that YAACOB should not marry outside the family, YITZCHAK sent YAACOB to LABAN, but not before giving the third blessing. Unlike the first and second blessings, the third blessing does not require preparation. It is given by DIVINE SELECTION. DIVINE SELECTION will sometimes override to get the best qualified. The third blessing is what had been given to Abraham directly from HA SHEM and his son YITZCHAK had received it in like manner. YITZCHAK blesses YAACOB with that which he had received giving it to the younger YAACOB, he declared, “And may God Almighty bless you, and make you fruitful and numerous, so that you become a host of peoples, and give you the blessing of ABRAHAM - you along with your descendants; to possess the land in which you have sojourned, that God gave to Abraham.” (Genesis 28:3,4) The third blessing that was given to YAACOB by YITZCHAK is a revelation that the SPIRITUAL BLINDNESS HAD BEEN REMOVED from his eyes empowering him to SEE again and do the right thing.
Likewise the lesson to be learned is to make a critical assessment at all times of those things that we undergo; what may appear to be the right thing to do may be the deception that the HOLY BLESSED ONE is allowing us to go through in order that the SCALES fall off our eyes.


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