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Thursday, October 24, 2013


Shalom, we commence this DEVAR TORAH with our focus upon the PARSHA termed VAYEIRA, that is, HA SHEM appeared to Him. In this PARSHA reading VAYEIRA, the subtopics dealt with: The Messengers received by ABRAHAM, the biblical scenario of SODOM and GOMORRAH, Human Feelings and Divine Purpose and the ADEDAH, that is, the binding of YITZCHAK. While the scenarios are seemingly unrelated, HA SHEM selection of them are purposed to provide a historical document for YISHRAEL, and also intended to disclose revelations that will give rise to aiding us in the unfoldment of the NEW CIVILIZATION. Thus the question is, How does the journey of ABRAHAM effect the instructions that YISHRAEL receives in our destiny of unfolding a New Humanity?
The DIVINE renaming of ABRAM to ABRAHAM is a revelation of purpose. The name given to ABRAM discloses that the Holy Blessed One of YISHRAEL had predetermined him to be the father of many nations. As the ABBA of many nations, he is to lead us into obedience to the Holy Blessed One. Thus the events that occurred in his journey are stories of a father to his children on how to fulfill the predetermined assignment given to the entire family which commences with the idea of following the revelations of HA SHEM.
Following the revelations of the Holy Blessed One of YISHRAEL gave rise to the experience of an epiphany, that is, angelic visitation. The angelic visitation was received with hospitality by ABRAHAM, no doubt, this is a lesson within itself concerning the receiving of revelations that give rise to the unfoldment of a new civilization. Like our ABBA ABRAHAM, in order to receive revelations that will aid us in our unfoldment of DIVINE PURPOSE, we must remain in a state of openness. The openness is demonstrated in the hospitality of ABRAHAM. Just as ABRAHAM received the strangers with a warm welcome, Hebrew YISHRAEL must receive strange thoughts. Rather than to reject that which is unfamiliar, we must receive new ideas in a state of openness allowing them to unfold the messages that are hid within them. The unfamiliar may seemingly oppose the thought life that is entertained because it is a mystery. Uncovering it with openness may disclose a revelation that was sent by HA SHEM to aid us in fulfilling our DIVINE ASSIGNMENT. In the consideration of unfamiliar thoughts, we do not guard against them by opposing them, but rather by the peaceful attitude of welcoming new and strange ideas that we might examine them.
Abraham’s welcoming of the strangers gave rise to the experience of reaffirmation and the manifestation of DIVINE POTENTIAL that was latent within. This EMET can be seen in the questioning that occurred between HA SHEM and ABRAHAM concerning the SINS of SODOM and GOMORRAH. The thought of HA SHEM destroying the righteous with the wicked gave birth to intercession which was latent within the COMPASSION of our PATRIARCH. Likewise the inquisitions caused by the new and strange ideas that stream in our thought life may engender the visible manifestation of the potential that is latent within in the fulfillment of DIVINE PURPOSE.
The AKEDAH, that is, the binding of YITZCHAK gives further clarity in answering the question, How does the journey of ABRAHAM effect the instructions that we receive in unfolding a NEW CIVILIZATION? The binding of YITZCHAK aids us in further expansion on the receiving of NEW IDEAS that aid in our creation of a new humanity. The AKEDAH was a test to aid ABRAHAM in freeing himself from attachments that had developed in his experience of receiving the promises of HA SHEM. Yea, the receiving of the promises of HA SHEM give rise to the temptation of being more loyal to the promise than to the PROMISE GIVER. To overcome this tendency, ABRAHAM must undergo a test that challenges his attachment to the promised seed. Overcoming the temptation gave rise to the revelation of the Holy Blessed One as YIREH. This revelation was received because ABRAHAM laid his emotions to the side. Likewise laying our emotions to the side concerning some of the ideas that we entertain will give rise to receiving new ideas that will aid in the unfoldment of our DIVINE PURPOSE of TIKKUN OLAM.
New ideas from HA SHEM are not intended to terminate or change the ideas that we have been given by HA SHEM, it is our emotions that give that appearance. We must engage in a thought life that will be open to new and strange ideas with a willingness to lay our emotions to the side to think thoughts that will aid in the fulfillment of creating a NEW CIVILIZATION. These are the teachings of an ABBA who instructs his children by his actions. Hear O YISHRAEL, the instructions of our ABBA ABRAHAM.


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