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Wednesday, October 02, 2013


Parsha NOACH נח      Genesis 6:9-11:32

Shalom, We commence this discourse with the question, does the selection of YISHRAEL as a chosen people reflect that there is racial bias with YHVH? The PARSHA reading NOACH discloses the intent in YHVH in the fulfillment of His purpose in Creation. No doubt that purpose is to create heaven on earth by employing His children as co-creators. The unfoldment of FREE WILL by those who were undergoing the human conscious experience gave rise to a manifestation that was not in congruency with the DIVINE DREAM of heaven on earth. This was responded to by the JUDGMENT of the ABBA that would guarantee what He had purposed would come to pass. This required the obedience of a righteous man who would follow the instructions of the ABBA that engendered a second chance to fulfill the DIVINE PURPOSE.

The obedience of NOAH gave rise to the preservation of humanity through the Great Deluge. After surviving the Great Deluge, the ABBA established the first known B’RIT (covenant) with NOAH. The B’RIT disclosed that it would be perpetual in that it would also be established with his seed after him. No doubt this would not apply to all of the descendants of NOAH, since judgment would be passed upon some, such as the AMALEKITES. Read Deuteronomy 25:17-19. Yea, the B’RIT was established for the preservation of life, yet later judgment would determine destruction to some. Perhaps this is where we see the commencement of the establishment of the B’RIT with the firstborn.

Out of the sons of NOAH, the Genesis reveals SHEM to be the firstborn. SHEM is the father of the SEMITIC PEOPLE from whom our father ABRAHAM proceeds forth from. With ABRAHAM, YHVH establishes a B’RIT that will give rise to the fulfillment of His purpose to create heaven on earth.

Although we are not told that the NOADIC COVENANT is established with SHEM, after the NOAH sons multiply upon the face of the earth, the descendants of HAM take the lead rather than those of SHEM. The result is the building of a civilization and a tower that was opposed to the DIVINE PURPOSE of establishing heaven on earth. The intent expressed in Genesis 11:4 seems to be to defy heaven. NO DOUBT this act of rebellion was based upon the assumption of an assignment that had not been predetermined by the ABBA. Yea, to use something for a purpose that was not given will engender ABUSE and destruction, a lesson already learned in the flood, yet repeated. The DIVINE RESPONSE to this lesson was the establishment of a B’RIT with a people who would fulfill its purpose and unfold DIVINE PURPOSE in the earthen realm. The choice of the SOVEREIGN in the selection of a righteous man (like NOAH) will prove to be the method of unfolding His purpose in the earth rather than the exercise of BIAS. The ABBA’S selection of YISHRAEL, the firstborn, has its commencement in the fulfillment of DIVINE PURPOSE not BIAS. Like NOAH, a righteous response from YISHRAEL will save the world and establish heaven on earth.


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