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Wednesday, October 02, 2013


Shalom, We commence this discourse with the question, what is the purpose of YHVH in the creation of man blowing in his nostrils to commence the unfoldment of a living being. In the footnotes of the Torah, A Modern Commentary employed by the Union for Reformed Judaism, it declares that the use of the term “living being” is a better translation than the older “living soul.” The reasoning being that the dichotomy of body and soul was of post biblical origin. Doubtlessly this aids in the exercise of our power to define, yet to see the relevancy that gives rise to understanding the purpose by the Creator employing an act of breathing to create a man rather than speaking as with other living beings requires a closer look at the revelation given to the Prophet Moses.

Prior to the method that the Creator employed in order to birth man, the Prophet Moses is given the revelation that YHVH used a blueprint in order to Create. The blueprint is described in the following way, “God now said, Let us make human beings in our image and after our likeness…” In this revelation, the Creator reveals that He used Himself as the blueprint for the Creation of man. No doubt, this is indicative of the desire to manifest Himself as an ABBA, consistent with the revelation that YISHRAEL is the firstborn son, Exodus 4:22,21. Perhaps the process of the Creator breathing rather than speaking was to impart His image and likeness into man, giving man an individualized aspect of Himself. No doubt, this would require that man live a sacred life to unfold the IMAGE and LIKENESS that was given.

Indeed if breathing into man’s nostrils was an impartation of the Creator’s DIVINE NATURE, this would not be sufficient in the unfoldment of the Creator’s DIVINE LIKENESS. To be like the Creator, man must be SOVERN. SOVEREIGNTY requires the exercise of free will. To exercise free will, the man who was created in the IMAGE and LIKENESS of the ABBA would have to choose something that the ABBA would forbid. By choosing what the ABBA has forbidden, the will of the ABBA that had been received in the breathing would be departed from creating a free will. While the creation of the free will would be in harmony with DIVINE PURPOSE, the consequence would be devastating, giving rise to experiencing death and evil. Thus the creation of man would remain unfinished.

To complete the creation of man would require instructions from the Creator and a people chosen to complete the creation by following the instructions. The instructions were received by the Prophet Moses called Torah. The people who were chosen to follow those instructions are called YISHRAEL. Thus the Genesis Principle continues with the obedience of a people who are not chosen simply to provoke the rest of the sons of ADAM, but with the purpose of aiding humanity in its ALLEYAH (ascension) to a oneness with the Creator through obedience to Torah as a paradigm to all humanity.


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