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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Shalom, we commence these words of TORAH with focusing upon the PARSHA CHAYEI SARAH. The Hebrew transliteration CHAYEI SARAH is descriptive of the life of Sarah. The Torah portion commences with the death of SARAH which for Hebrew Israelites is a time to begin reflecting upon her life. The reflection of her life is a way of resurrecting her consciously that we might embody the wisdom that was demonstrated in her journey.
The scenario moves from the events that occurred around the death of Sarah to focusing upon Abraham’s brother Nahor. No doubt this focus is purposed to bring light upon the coming events. Yea, the seed of NAHOR will be joined to that of Abraham in advancing the promise of MULTIPLICITY.
The death and burial of SARAH, which is the commencement of her conscious resurrection in the seed of Abraham, is presented with great detail. Seemingly the detail brings about a hope within the descendants of Abraham and Sarah that engenders thoughts of being REUNITED.
The scenario moves from these details to a focus upon finding a wife for the son of Abraham and Sarah named YITZCHAK. It is from this aspect of the portion that we derive our question. The question is, How did the prayers of Eliezer the servant of Abraham effect the assignment of finding YITZCHAK a wife?
Before sending Eliezer on the task of finding YITZCHAK a wife, an event occurs that will doubtlessly effect its unfoldment. The event was that Abraham had Eliezer to swear by HA SHEM that he would not select a wife for YITZCHAK from among the CANAANITE women. No doubt, the request as in harmony with the promise that Abraham had received concerning blessings and cursing and land. Yea, the Holy Blessed One of YISHRAEL had declared that He would bless those that blessed Abraham and curse those that would curse him. The idealogical practices of the CANAANITES would have been a curse to Abraham and oppose the promise of land. Therefore there could be no union between the SACRED and the SECULAR. The act of swearing by the Holy Blessed One of YISHRAEL by placing his hand under the thigh of ABRAHAM would bring Eliezer’s journey in harmony with HA SHEM, that is, to find a wife which would be a blessing rather than one who would be a curse because of IRRECONCILABLE IDEALOGICAL DIFFERENCES. Yea, although there was evidently IDEALOGICAL DIFFERENCE in Abraham and NAHOR, the fact that they are kinsman made it more plausible that they could reach an agreement that would not bring about a CURSE.
It is in this mindset influenced by these conditions that Eliezer prayed the following prayer. “Eternal One, God of my master, Abraham, please bring me luck today, and do a kindness for my master Abraham. Here I am standing at the water-fount, and the daughters of the townspeople are going forth to draw water; the girl to whom I say, ‘Tip your pitcher and let me drink,’ and who replies, ‘Drink; and let me water your camels, too’-let her be the one You have designated for Your servant Isaac; that is how I shall know that You have done a kindness for my master.” (Genesis 24:12-14) The prayer prayed by Eliezer was one that was influenced by the promise of HA SHEM and the swearing that occurred with ABRAHAM. In other words, the prayer was a revelation of DIVINE WILL. Because the prayer was a revelation of DIVINE WILL, it was to be as a motivation of the actions of Eliezer. The prayer reveals the direction in which the DIVINE ENERGY is flowing, thus bringing his actions in harmony with the prayer gave rise to birthing what had been predetermined by HA SHEM, that is, the union of YITZCHAK and REVKAH.
Likewise when we put our wills in congruency with the will of the Holy Blessed One of YISHRAEL with committing our loyalty to TORAH, we will pray prayers that are in harmony with the flow of DIVINE ENERGY that will motivate our actions in such a way that we will fulfill our purpose as creators of a New Adam. These prayers are contained within our structured prayers as well as those that spring forth from the will of the soul that is subservient to the Holy Blessed One of Israel. Yea, prayers of the righteous motivate right action.


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